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While working as a licensed Esthetician for the past Decade, I have found my true purpose in sharing my practice of self healing. As our Healing represents our Vitality, it is a very important piece of the puzzle.There are so many different modalities of healing that it can be quite overwhelming to practice one. Allow me to be a guide along your journey.I choose to share and represent Holistic practices in every way possible. Specializing in Holistic Esthetics has opened new doorways so that I may also specialize in Biohacking practices. I offer a wide range of services that will enhance your vitality as well as give you the tools to continue your practice. I am happy to work with you in person in Costa Rica or over video chat/messaging.Through Holistic modalities of: Biohacking, Conscious Cuisine, Detoxing, & Natural Skin Care we shall work together to unleash your mastery through self care.


Lady Vitality

Excited to Welcome You to My Space

As we make our way into the New Year let us all count our blessings, no matter what we have gone through. Grateful for the oppourtunity to serve in any way possible, as well as connect with amazing beings. For the month of January I am offering a FREE Dialy Detox with purchase of any 2 Skin Care products on my online shop . Check out my videos on the top selling products I have created.

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New Offerings & New Menu

As I get deeper and deeper into my practice, it's only natural that my Offerings will GROW! Check out what's new @SkinDeepVitality Costa Rica. Reminder that I offer 25% discount on one offering, for all 1st time visitors. For those that continue to visit I offer discounted packages❤️

December Offering

Now until December 30th please enjoy 30% off all Therapeutic Offerings including:

Holistic Customized Facials

Guasha Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Trifecta

Skin Detox/Degreasing

Health & Wellness Coaching

12 years experience with Natural & Effective Skin Care & Beyond. Please also check out my Holistic Skin Care & Detox products online @ Helpca & Eco Feria Dominical online markets. Treat yourself or somebody you love to a beautiful experience @ Skin Deep Vitality located in Tinamaste & Uvita.

Take Back Your Vitality Through Repetitive Healthy Habits

Welcome to Skin Deep Vitality! From the Bay Area to Costa Rica, offering Holistic Bodywork & Solutions

Consultations,Coaching, Skin Care Services, & Workshops

I am a Holistic Esthetician turned Biohacker who utilizes all of Earths medicines, to create Heaven on Earth, through Education & Practice.

-Lady Vitality