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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Synergy Costa Rica! ELEV8D is teaming up with Synergy to bring the EcoMercado to Uvita!

Bring the whole family on Saturday, February 26 for a fun filled day that is helping to support our local community.

What to expect:

⁃ 30+ local vendors with offerings such as food and drinks, jewellery, clothing, art, and more!

⁃ Fresh organic produce

⁃ Conscious Kitchen with fresh prepared organic food

⁃ Body work practitioners

⁃ Face painting

⁃ Chaperoned Kidszone! with a salt water swimming pool and toys

⁃ Workshops

⁃ Live Music and Drum Circle Jam

⁃ Ecstatic dance with DJ NeoSoul

The EcoMercado will be open from 10AM - 4PM and the Ecstatic Dance will be from 5PM - 8PM. Attendance to the EcoMercado is FREE, Ecstatic Dance is $15 or 9,000 colones.

This an eco 🌱🌎 conscious event, so please bring your own bags for produce and for other items.

*A portion of proceeds will go towards our local food security initiative Red Armonía.

See you there!🙏🏼❤️

Short Blogs:

Radical Self Accountability & Responsibility

Radical Self Accountability & Responsibility

It's been close to 2 months of a whole lot of uncertainty through out the world. Yet, the only thing we can be certain about, is that there is a need for some changes.No matter your stance or synopsis on the plandemic we are experiencing, all changes we want to see externally, must start from within.

It really baffles me to see people wear face masks to "protect" themselves on one end, and on the other end, are eating fast foods, drinking alcohol or sodas, as well as consuming all kinds of non-beneficial products and media of all kinds?? What does this say? That a mask is going to protect you from getting sick? Ya, that doesn't work.

If you have low immune system it took your body a while to get to that point. As we have so many contraindications being healthy. It's time to be accountable and take responsibility for our physical and psychological well-being. No more pointing the finger and MORE daily proactive decisions that best serve you.I think it's best to take it back to the basics.In doing so, one can truly see where they need help to start reversing their low immune system and start strengthening their future. What does my body need to THRIVE? What gives my body VITALITY? Well the answers are simple:

  • Energy: Which comes from sugars( our main energy source) Plus how are body uses energy, through movement & exercise.

  • Magnetism-Which is the way your body is able to create energy. Being mindful of what takes your energy like technologies ( EMF' as people, situations, and of course fear)

  • Minerals/Vitamins-Which come from water and nutrient dense foods, both from the animal and plant world

  • Microbes-Which are found in all living beings.The importance here is balancing out the " good from the bad"

  • Rest-When you rest the body/mind the body is able to heal itself. The importance here is to get real rest,whether it be meditation or sleep. Btw EMF lathered spaces are toxic and prevent real rest.

  • Sunlight-Which contains red light, which is the only light spectrum our bodies use to heal. Being in the sun, sun bathing, and sun gazing for the appropriate amount of time everyday is necessary.

In saying all of that ,the time is now folks. Right now. Start making whatever changes you know you need to make and/ or start researching all the things you want to learn about. As we shift into the next phase of 2020 it's best to blaze a new trail of innerstanding of how to be healthy and well. Who knew that our actual immune system would be our super power💞

Your Skin is an Indication/Reflection of what is going on Internally

Generally, most people I work with are concerned with the skin that is on their face or on their chest. Yet, all of our skin reflects conditions that you may be experiencing, such as allergies, detoxing, over growth of yeast, mold, & fungus, etc.

Our body is so remarkable that it gives us alerts/warning signs through our energy, eyes, mood, saliva, skin, sleep...

I would say, since our face is generally what we look at when we look in the mirror,it is the reason why most put so much attention and money into "fixing"it. Loads of $$$ are spent on make-up, conventional skin care, all kinds of skin therapies that manipulate the dermis such as Botox & Glycolic peels.That do nothing to address what's causing the acne, psoriasis, eczema..

The solution is bringing it back to the basics, which I can never stress enough. We are humans primarily comprised of bacteria, enzymes, microbes, minerals, light, & vitamins

The most important practices for your health which directly affect your skin are:

Hydration= Minerals

Gut Health=Microbes

Sun- Light

Diet- Bacteria,Enzymes,Vitamins

Depending on where you are in your journey will dictate where you will start in aiding your body for the purpose of healing. Most want to assume that going straight to a plant based diet is the solution for changing your conditions. In some cases doing this can jump start hard core Detoxing, which is not the way to go. Gradual and steady changes make for long lasting results. Actions you can take asap for aiding your health are:

~Drinking clean water

~Sun bathing & sun gazing ~Eating locally & seasonally

~Only using Natural products are your skin, that which your skin can absorb

~EMF Protection

~Rest/Sleep regularly

Please reach out to me for 1 on 1 coaching to achieve any health or skin care goals OR continue following my journey for more hacks & tips for optimal vitality.

It's always best to understand what exactly you are doing before making adjustments to your diet. Vegetables, also referred to as solvents, breakdown things in our body for the purpose of detoxing. So you can definitely see the benefits in doing a vegetarian/ vegan diet at some point in your life to degenerate any type of toxic buildup in your body. Moreover, vegetables/ grains contain lectins, oxalates, and gluten which serve as a defense mechanism.

Meaning everything on this planet want to survive, so there is a type of defense mechanism to prevent you from eating them(veggies) all the time. For example if somebody eats too many oxalates, they're going to have a very bad digestion system, as well as form kidney stones, plus more. So when working with a vegetarian and vegan diet it is always best to be mindful of what type of vegetables you're eating.For some people, they would need to do diet vegetarian / vegan diet for a long while to get rid of what no longer serves them, for others a short spurt of just veggies would do the trick. As the person doing the experiment, it's up to you to see how long this diet benefits you, meaning how well you feel and look on a daily basis.

Having said that, animal products are what regenerate are organs, which run the show and our body. So once you feel you are healthy enough to start eating animal products, being intentional of what type of animal products is a must. Eating ANY type of meat or dairy products is not going to benefit you whatsoever. Because if you are eating non grass-fed meat, you're eating antibiotics, you're eating their horrible diet of grains and corn, you are eating stress, etc. If you are consuming pasteurized milk and dairy, you are eating dead milk that contains no enzymes, and very few vitamins and minerals, as the milk has been cooked to a temperature to kill these special ingredients. We are one of four states in America that are allowed to purchase raw dairy from the store or Farmers Market. Why do you think the government has made it illegal to purchase raw milk in most states? Do you think it's because the government cares about our well-being? I think not.Having said that, the hype around raw milk is all a farce.

Raw milk is supremely healing to the body and NOT acidic, and if you don't think so, it's just best to find out yourself. Go to your local farmers market in California, buy some more milk, and see what happens to your gut. Also don't forget healing b products, such as raw local honey, bee pollen, royal jelly. When purchasing these items you want to make sure you were supporting local beekeepers and not just going to any store to purchase these.

I can go on and on the subject, but I wanted to throw it out there so people can stop saying that only one diet works, because that is not the case. We are extremely advanced creatures, that need different types of nutrition based on what we are dealing with. But what truly always remains the same, we need clean water, minerals, water soluble vitamins,microbes, and enzymes.

~Self Care Sunday? Or Self Care Everyday??~

I am an advocate of self care everyday! No matter who you are or where you are focusing on creating more Vitality in your life should be first and foremost.

The simple act of picking out nutritious foods and liquids for yourself at least once a day can make a world of a difference in your life. I would definitely suggest that you put more effort though.. Focusing on your breath can equally impact your life in a positive way. The best part about being a human is we have so many different forms of modalities and tools to help facilitate self care.

I can go on and on all day about all the forms but I'm going to just focus on what I have pictured here. I like to start my day with stretching, Ryobi buffing, lacrosse rolling, Revital-Eyes gemstone eye mask, and writing. Sometimes I have all time for all, sometimes I have time for just one. The main focus is to incorporate @ least one of them. For some, this lineup may be too much to start off with, having said that, I urge you to start with at least one thing a day that enhances Your vitality. As supposed to starting your day off with something that is highly depleting, like your cell phone or laptop. It's really all about balance. How are you balancing beneficial and non beneficial experiences in your life.

You can visit Home Depot or Amazon for your Ryobi buffer, AKA your self serve massage tool. As well as check out @freeflowbotanicals for your gemstone eye mask, use code Vitality for 10% off.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out. I'm always available for coaching as well.

Shop Local

If you trying to be aware of buying Natural and Organic products, but DON'T want to support big companies that don't have our best interest at hearts, please take a look. On our end, in the grocery stores, we look at these brands and see that they could possibly be different. However being owned by SC Johnson, Clorox, Colgate, General Mills, Coca Cola, makes these so called Organic lines not worth the a overpriced tag they are claiming to be. When in doubt refer to this list and shop LOCAL. Sharing your $ with local vendors not only supports the commUnity, moreover it's a lot easier to get a hold of the owners to ask questions about their products.

Park & Outdoor Spaces Psa

The reality is our city water system is as corrupt as our Money system, Air quality, Food System, so on and so forth. So it really disturbs me to see children and even animals being allowed to drink the water that comes out of public water fountains. This water is NOT filtered and contains neruotoxins galore. As a child these neurotoxins affect them at a higher level as their brains are still developing. This type of water also affects adults disrupting hormones, the pineal gland, etc. Please look into European studies on the effects of fluoride on the human. This post serves as a reminder to travel with clean water wherever you go, staying away from plastic, as plastic leeches into water, so that you and your children may have clean drinking water on the go. Also consider installing decent water filters in your home. I recommend spring water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water. In the Bay area there are many water delivery systems you can hire to deliver water to your doorstep.Together we can help one another heal from the BS that surrounds us in the forms of intentional toxins.

The Sun Factor

Without the sun nothing on this planet could exist. Our ancestors had it so much easier than we do as their whole lives revolved around being outdoors. Farming, hunting, gathering, teaching, sleeping,exploring, the list goes on.Besides being life itself, the sun is in charge of regenerating our body. Having said that let's find the time to spend more times outdoors, especially when the sun is out.Also know that the sun's rays can reach any point if you allow it to enter your space. Meaning if you drive with the window cracked the sun will enter and beam it's rays all around. If you crack the windows in your home the sun will enter and beam it's rays throughout your home. So allow the sun to enter your life by leaving little cracked windows and doors☀️❤️

Ways to get more Sun:

~Don't ever wear any sunblock, as it blocks the Sun, look into alternative methods of harmonizing with the Sun

~Sungaze or bathe when the sun comes up in the morning ~Sungaze or bathe as the sun goes down in the evening

~Garden ~Visit your local Farmers Market weekly or bi-weekly

~Eat any meal outside/ BBQ

~ Exercise outside/Dance

~Go on a hike/going to walk

~Go on a bike ride

~Meditate outside

~Do homework outside

~Go swimming outside

~Do any computer work outside

~Plan any and all children's activitiesoutside when possible, OUR children need the sun more than ever

~Leave the windows and doors of your home cracked when you are home to allow the sun to enter

~Leave the windows in your car cracked to allow the sun to enter

~Sunbathe as naked as possible to allow the sun to enter your pores

Magnesium is Whats up!

Our bodies utilize magnesium is over 500 functions in our body.You can eat foods rich in magnesium or put it in an ionic form into your body orally or on your body transdermally. Whichever you choose( I recommend all 3 everyday, as much as you can)your body and vitality will Thank you. At #SkinDeepVitality. I strive to bring you the most intentional wellness practice' & protocol' to all my Offerings. Having said that I have added Magnesium soaked towels to my Healing and Theraputic Facial and Massage towels. Allowing your skin to soak in that essential Mineral our body needs to Thrive❤️

What is EMF?

In a world of modern technologies we are surrounded by many gadgets, and they make us vulnerable. Each gadget has an electromagnetic field around that may harm your health and well-being in long term. There are many studies on this topic that we’ve checked, and we truly believe that some people are more sensitive to such fields than others and they need protection to feel safe. Are you EMF-sensitive? If you notice that after a long day of working with gadgets you feel exhausted, insecure or agitated more than usually, you surely are. The disturbing symptoms of electromagnetic radiation toxic exposure include anxiety, insomnia, migraines, as well as loss of appetite and out-of-nowhere mood swings. Can relate? Shield yourself with shungite.What can shungite do? There are many shielding and protective crystals that you can use, but shungite is the one you need to be safe from EMF. Shungite has proven to block up to 98% of electromagnetic radiation emitted by gadgets surrounding you while keeping the signal intact. It's much better to be cautious than to deal with serious diseases in the future, isn't it? Thank you to @KaralianHeritage for providing such an amazing tool such as Elite Shungite. Please share this post/message with all that you can, so that they can protect themselves. Order your Elite Shungite TODAY!

What is LiFI

Have you ever heard of Lifi? Well it's the new way that we are energetically and physically going to get screwed as humans. Well of course to the ones that want us all to be surrounded by this technology are going to talk it up, making us think that it's the best technology for the future. However this technology is not only dangerous but it most definitely will take over the way we actually think. Yes this type of technology is able to be anywhere at any time and able to transmit information into our brains into our technology. But of course they are going to tell you it's the fastest Wi-Fi ever, so therefore you should have it in your household, in your workplace, in the stores, in the restaurants, everywhere. In the comments I will post a YouTube video to get you started on informing yourself of this super toxic technology that's just being rolled out. I implore you to look around and read other sources so that you can get idea what is happening.We already know that LED lights are a very unhealthy light to use for humans. The non- native blue light causes a whole bunch of imbalaces in our brains including throwing our circadian sleep cycle off, messing up our seratonin, melatonin, and dopamine production, and so on and so forth. Well it doesn't surprise me that they are capable and are doing so much more with this type of light. The time to Iook into the type of lighting you surround yourself is crucial..the time to biohack your life and environment is crucial. If you continue to just go with the flow and not NOT care about this topic, and other topics such as what type of water you drink and use, food, and 5G prevention you will most certainly get sick.