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Now Located in the Southern Zone ofCosta Rica!! Currently offering my services at the Domes in Uvita as well as my space Casa Ascension in Platanillo, as well as making house visits from San Isidro to Ojochal, Costa Rica. Consults and coaching available in person or over the phone,Please fill out form below to Get Started or contact via Telegram: +14082174170 Whatsapp #: +506 8801 9541 or Email @

Skin Care Services Include Red Light Therapy: See Menu Below

Female and Male Full body waxing

Female and Male Full Body Intuitive Massage

Female and Male Facials or Back Facials

Female and Male Skin Cleaning with or w/out GuaSha

Skin Cleaning

Besides waxing, All services are customized based on your needs and are for a period of 30/60/90 min

I use my own Holistic Skin Care Line, Conscious Kitchen Labs in all services. Check out my online shop for more information on this beautiful line.

Health and Wellness Consultation:

For a period of 30/60/90 minutes, first 10 minutes are my donated time

Maker workshop':

Learn how to make a variety of Household, Skin care, & Wellness products in your home or a location desired

Meal prep and Catering:

Learn how to make Conscious Cuisine for your household or have it delivered or catered to your home through Conscious Kitchen SJ

Wellness In Home Packages:

I will put together a wellness kit based on your current needs with instructions on proper use

Hack Your Home:

I will go through your whole living space and give all my suggestions on how to hack your environment to be more harmonious to your biology.

Everyone is starting at a different point of Awareness and Understanding, therefore let us chat and see what best suits your needs at this time. All food is Local and Seasonal as can get. I am partnered with various local Gardeners & Farmers to help us all get fresh local produce.

Skin Deep Vitality is proud to provide zero waste E-Gift Cards, load one up for yourself or a beautiful gift for another. Check out specials & prices below. there is always a time for a self- love session

New Facial Offering

This offering is also known as the Natural Facelift. A Holistic method of regenerating new cell turnover in the dermis without causing inflammation. Utilizing all Natural Organic Skin Care, Guasha Lymphatic Scraping, Facial Cupping, and GemstonCrystal Micro Rolling techniques. Paired with Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Red Light Therapy & Sound Therapy. 75 minute's of Blissful and Intentional Therapy.

New Detox Offering

We often forget about are lymphatic system. As most are primarily concerned with the aesthetics of the skin. If you are dealing with any type of condition, whether it be internal or external, working on your Lymphatic System will aid you on your healing journey. This new offering is a Holistic approach to resetting your lymphatic system with a different protocols and tools. First I will start vibrating your whole body with the Ryobi buffer. This type of movement shakes every cell in your body allowing for more energy to flow. Next, I will utilize the ancient form of Gua Sha scraping throughout your whole body. This will bring new oxygenated blood to all areas that were lacking oxygen. I will finish the session with Cupping in any areas that continue to have stagnation.