What I Love

I would like to dedicate this portion to becoming your own doctor and getting on the research band wagon. To introducing beneficial products and protocols in your life to uplift your spirit. I hope you feel empowered to start and/or continue your growth. These are all What I Love as well as what I recommend:

Water is Life!

I'm sure by now we have all heard the phrase, water is life. But did you know if you're drinking the wrong type of water you're accelerating your death, causing all kinds of conditions along the way? We are primarily made of water that contains minerals, then comes microbes, and so on and so forth. So all we need is water tthat contains these minerals for optimal Health. Magnesium is an absolute MUST, magnesium bicarbonate magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, there are a lot more magnesiums if you look into it. Plus of course potassium, chloride, calcium, etc. Having said that, finding a water filter that not only filters out the toxins, fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, the pharmaceuticals, the bacteria, all contaminants, and adds back in the minerals, IS what you're looking for when shopping for a water filter.

Let this post be a reminder that you need to be intentional about filtering your drinking water, especially the water that comes out of your shower head and sink.

Check out Live pristine in my bio for an exceptional 10 stage water filtering device, the option to buy a traveling water filter, shower filters , plus more.

Red Light Therapy

Red and Near Infrared Light;

One of Earth's medicines is our beautiful sun. This sun contains multiple different spectrum's of light. Most important being Red & Near Infrared light. Our bodies utilize Red Light for ALL it's regenerating processes. That's right, Red= Regeneration. So its important to consider how much red light you are getting everyday. Side note, this is one of the main reason you don't want to block the sun completely with sun blocks. You want a healthy flora on your skin as well as natural SPF, so its eventually absorbed by your skin, and red light may penetrate your dermis.I digress, If you know you are not getting enough sun, it is important to substitute red light so you may give your body the right spectrum of light, to perform repair and reconstructing processes. Its also a good idea to consider the flicker component to any light bulb powered by electricity. Having said that, Gembared is the most affordable red light therapy tool that has a very low flicker. I am happy to say that I offer red light therapy with all my offerings as well. Use code SKINDEEPVITALITY for 10% off your purchase.

Like plants, people are designed to take in a full spectrum of light from the sun. Our modern lifestyle has removed natural exposure to sunlight and replaced it with blue-rich indoor lighting and digital screens. We can help bring ourselves back to natural order by “supplementing” our light exposure with Red and Near Infrared light wavelengths.

Earth Runners: Grounding Sandals

I can not stress how important it is for our bodies to come in contact with the Earth' and Sun' energies. They are extremely balancing as well as healing. As the human species we once spent many many hours outdoors in contact with these energies aiding our body in its healing. As the times have changed so have our relationship with the Earth. It is more important than ever to ground with the Earth. Go outside, sit on the grass, garden, touch a tree, be in nature. I love these sandals so much because they have a small copper plate on the bottom of the sole, that is connected to the material that wraps around your leg. Copper is a conductive metal that enhances conductivity in living organisms. I add and use copper as much as possible in my everyday life. Therefor these sandals, if you are standing on living earth, will ground you as well as add to your conductivity ( your light/energy). I use them everyday! These minimalist sandals incredible because you can use them While you are Hiking, working out, a day out, a night out, dancing, climbing, etc. Check out my affiliate link below to get yourself a pair or 2.


What's the deal with all this blue light? Well we don't necessarily see it as blue, however trust that this is the spectrum of light I am talking about. The sun is the only thing responsible for natural & beneficial blue light. Anything else in the form of electronics and lights are without a doubt harmful to our health. Yes, non- native, unbeneficial, fake blue light is plaging our societies in the form of: computes, phones, TVs, fit bits, tablets, LED lights, etc. Why not implement an easy biohack of wearing blue blocking glasses whenever in a situation with non-native blue light? It's simple and affordable and will help you in more ways than you know. I personally rep the BluBlox, use code Vitality for 10% off your order.

Omni Yoga Gym

Investing in an Omni Gym Yoga Swing has been one of the best investments of my adult life. Having immersed myself in yoga after giving birth time my son I soon discovered that you could do yoga in the air. Meaning you recreate yoga poses and stretches whilst suspended in a yoga swing aka silks. I soon found The Yoga Studio in Campbell Ca., and fell in love with Aerial Yoga. Being suspended upside down is beneficial for many reasons. Besides letting all your organs including your skin relax you are helping your blood circulation and energy flow. This yoga swing also facilitates the most amazing stretch throughout your body including your hips. I am also training my body to do the splits and handstands in a very gentle yet effective manner. On top of all that I feel like I'm fulfilling my childhood dream of being part of the Cirque du Soleil .You can get the whole set up which includes a stand, hand, & feet straps OR a basic swing you can hang in your door frame. Check out the Omni Yoga swing website below.

Shungite: Powerful Healing Stone

Elite Shungite is a mineral found in Karelia Russia. It is a 2 billion year old, prehistoric algae that is primarily made of Carbon, a small percentage being Fullerenes, which is a crystalline form of Carbon , NOW said to be the MOST powerful antioxidant on the planet..which we will get into soon. Elite Shungites’ most famous properties are of water purification and EMF protection( electromagnetic frequencies) or it attenuates EMF’(reduce the force of) Shungite is able to purify water of bacteria, harmful microorganisms, metals, and Pesticides. With the use of an EMF meter you can see how shungite silences the frequencies that we are unable to hear or see.

On another note, if there is anyone who believes that EMFs don't have a negative effect on the human body, that is primarily made of water, please take some more time to do your research. Start with Dr. Masaru Emoto research and studies on how just our thoughts and words have an Effect on water. Then move on from there. In a nutshell Shungite has the ability to clean, heal and protect. I have been collecting and using Shungite for over 3 years. My body and mind have never been so Vital. On a side note, I believe if there was ever a catastrophic event that happened that would change our water supply, Shungite will be worth more than gold, for its water purifying properties.